Friday, 19 May 2017

Strawberry Chocolate Custard

A simple sweet or dessert is quite enough to celebrate an occasion na, and my today's post is definitely one among those simple sweet or dessert to give a try if you dont have an idea of cook up something new. My today's post calls for very easy and simple ingredients, a couple of ingredients like custard powder, chopped chocolate, sugar and milk is very much needed to dish out this custard. Though i prepared this dessert with Strawberries, you can dish out this same fabulous dessert with any sort of fruits or else with a lovely medley of tropical fruits, its all upto you. Since strawberries started showing their heads in farmer's market, i didnt hesitate a second to grab some juicy,succulent strawberries. Obviously i cant think any other fruits than strawberries to add in this simple trifle like dessert.

Strawberry & Chocolate Custard trifle

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Shing Paak/Gujarati Peanut Burfi/Mandvi Paak

Peanut chikki aka brittles, i have rarely seen someone saying no to those sweet bites. When its comes something to dish out sweet with peanuts, everyone at home love to enjoy them. When i was planning for something different to cook with peanuts, i couldnt resist to dish out this easy breezy Shing paak aka Gujarati Peanut burfi.This recipe calls for just three ingredients, yes roasted peanut powder, sugar, cardamom powder and nuts (optional) to decorate. This fantastic Gujarati sweet gets ready very much quickly than you can imagine.Easy to put together, this shing paak have a subtle flavor and definitely this sweet will please anyone's sweet tooth. Shing means peanuts in Gujarat and this Shing paak is a delicious nutritional sweet with wonderful flavor in it.

Gujarati Peanut Burfi, Shing paak

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Mango,Semolina & Coconut Halwa /Mango Suji Sheera with Coconut

Mango, the King of fruit is our family favourite fruit and whenever i get this fruit, i dont hesitate a second to prepare some fantastic dish out of this fruit. Kesari aka Suji halwa which is well known as Semolina pudding is one among the most traditional Indian sweets which is quite often prepared for any occasion quickly as this dish asks for some easy preparation. This lipsmacking semolina pudding is one of our family favourite and my better half love this kesari aka halwa to the core. Since i want to prepare a different version of this pudding, this time i prepared mine with fresh mango puree, dessicated coconut flakes with roasted semolina. Initially i was bit skeptical to try this coconut and semolina combination, but trust me the final result was definitely a droolworthy pudding.

Mango, Semolina & Coconut Halwa

Friday, 12 May 2017

Vegan Grilled Masala Vegetables

I have been posting some delicious grilled vegetarian dishes for the post two days as my theme for this week's blogging marathon is Vegetarian grilling. After a lipsmacking mustard cauliflower steak, and some delicious cheese potatoes, my today's post goes to some Indian spiced grilled vegetables. Indian spices added to any vegetables makes some fantastic dishes and this grilled masala vegetables is definitely a must try if you love Indian spices. You can enjoy this very less oil, spiced and vegan grilled vegetables simply with a bowl of rice or as accompaniment with some rotis or breads. You can adjust the spice level of this grilled vegetables depending upon your tastebuds. I went with a simple Indian spice mixture which calls for red chilly powder,pepper powder, garam masala powder, cumin powder and fennel seed powder.

Grilled Masala vegetables