Friday, 12 January 2018

Adamant Creeper Chutney/Pirandai Thogayal

Adamant creeper is known as Pirandai in Tamil, have many medicinal benefits and this creeper grows abundantly in India which doesnt need any special care. Obviously this plant can be grown easily in pots at home with less efforts. I have been looking for a chance to cook with this  adamant creeper,finally i cooked up few fantastic dishes with it. I have already posted a delicious Rasam with this creeper, and my today's post in an another popular chutney aka thogayal prepared with this super healthy Adamant creeper. An excellent thogayal to enjoy with hot steaming rice served along with spicy side dish, makes a satisfying meal.

Pirandai Thuvaiyal, Adamant Creeper chutney

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Aloo Matar Ka Bharta/Potato & Green Peas Mash

Aloo bharta is a North Indian side dish to enjoy with rotis or else with parathas. And this mashed potato and peas dish works awesome as spread to prepare your rolls or as sandwiches. Kids will definitely enjoy thoroughly this super delicious dish when served simply with some toasted bread slices. However this dish is very easy breezy dish to prepare with less efforts. If you are potato lover, trust me you will definitely enjoy this dish without any fuss.

Aloo Matar Bharta, Aloo Ka Bharta

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Thakkali Kara Chutney/Spicy Red Chutney

South Indians loves varieties of chutneys or side dishes to enjoy with their breakfast dishes. Even my husband needs more than two chutneys to enjoy his hot steaming idlies or crispy dosas. Obviously i have an obligation to prepare different chutneys to please my husband's tastebuds. Though i have prepared numerous time, am yet to post this easy breezy kara chutney prepared with pulpy tomatoes and loads of shallots.Kara chutney is a popular chutney of Chettinad cuisine, and this chutney calls for garlic cloves,red chillies and tamarind.

Kara chutney,Tomato Kara Chutney

Friday, 5 January 2018

Toasted Muesli

Muesli, a prefect breakfast loaded with oats, nuts and fruits. I have been preparing myself my own muesli from the past few years as they are very easy to prepare at home with any sort of nuts, seeds or dried fruits of your choice. My today's post is one of our recent favourite as this toasted muesli goes for some crispy cornflakes, chocolate chips along with rolled nuts and loads of nuts,seeds.Since this toasted muesli have chocolate chips in it, kids will definitely enjoy this ultimate healthy muesli for their breakfast without any fuss.

Homemade Toasted muesli